When it comes to keeping your business secure, nothing should be left to chance. This includes having a security system and keyholders who respond when an alarm’s been tripped. Hiring a company to take on the job as a keyholder can help keep you and your staff safe in an emergency.

Do you have established keyholders as part of your business security plan? If not, then you could be missing a crucial element to keeping your business secure.

What is a Keyholder?

A keyholder is literally someone who has the responsibility of opening and closing business premises each day. Depending on the type and size of the business, there may be more than one keyholder. These are the people who have control of keys that are crucial to business.

In addition, they are the ones a security company will call in the event of an incursion onto business premises or sites. A keyholder can also be a professional security company that provides keyholder services.

Benefits of Hiring a Security Company as a Keyholder

There are several requirements that a keyholder must fulfil, whether they’re an individual with the company, or are a security company providing keyholder services:

1). Must be available 24/7: a keyholder, whether an employee or a security company, should be available 24/7 and be within at least 20 minutes of the site. Emergencies can happy any time of the day or night and any time of the year. The keyholder needs to be ready to respond to an emergency whenever it occurs.

Do you have an employee who can take on such a responsibility? If not, then hiring a professional security company can solve this problem. You can find a security service provider that is close enough to respond quickly any time of the day or night, all year round.

Having a security firm as a keyholder can also be a huge benefit if your network happens to become disconnected or go down. This is another issue that can happen at any time, so having a professional security service provider ready to respond can alert you and have someone on the spot in a matter of minutes.

2). Always reachable: a keyholder must be reachable at all times, all around the year. If you have an employee who is the keyholder, what happens if they go on vacation or have a family emergency?

Another issue is if your designated keyholder’s contact information happens to change. How will a remote monitoring station reach them if they don’t have the correct phone number for your keyholder? Or what if their phone battery has died?

These are important reasons to consider hiring a security firm to provide keyholder services for your business.

3). Respond quickly: your keyholder will need to respond quickly when an alarm’s been set off. This is best done by a security firm whose personnel will have the training and ability to respond as fast as possible. Plus, they have the training to respond quickly and appropriately to all security issues.

When choosing a security company, be sure they’re not more then 20 minutes away from your site. This way, you’ll know they will be able to respond quickly every time.

4). Technical knowledge is necessary: a security company acting as a company keyholder in most cases can also take care of installation, maintenance, and repair of your system.

If a security system fails, security company is able to get the system back up and running as soon as possible. You’ll save time by not having to call both the keyholder and a maintenance company to resolve a failed system.

5). Safety to yourself, your staff & business: one of the main benefits of hiring a security service provider is to ensure the safety of you, your staff and business in the event of a security issue. You’ll rest assured that the main keyholder, the security firm, will be able to deal with the issue, while you and your staff remain safe, without being put in harms way.

The security company will deal directly with an intruder and other issues. They have the training, knowledge and experience to safely provide the correct response for every situation. You and your staff are integral to running the company. Why put you and your staff in danger, when it’s possible to hire experts to take care of this for you?

Why Choose Us?

We’re an SIA accredited security firm, with the local knowledge to keep your company safe. We understand the types of security issues in this area. Because we’re local, we can also respond quickly to all alarms triggered at your site.

i-Guard Security has over 30 years of experience in the security business, and we’re a trusted service provider to businesses of all sizes. Our goal is to deliver the most efficient and reliable security solutions for your business. To uphold this aim, we have the most professional officers in the industry.

In addition to our keyholder services, we also provide a wide range of other security solutions, which include everything from CCTV surveillance to concierge duties and event security. We guarantee you’ll have the best protection in all areas.

We offer you professional, efficient customer service that gets you results. You can count on us to provide you with bespoke security solutions that fit your requirements. Your business and events are safe in our hands.

Worried about the cost? We’ve got you covered there, too. At i-Guard Security, we provide our clients with competitive rates. Along with our excellent rates, we supply the most experienced, professional staff for your security needs. You can trust us with your business & we will guard you with ours. That’s a promise.

If you’d like more information about our keyholder or other security solutions, why not give us a call today? We can help you with a bespoke security plan that fits your budget. You can rest assured that experienced, knowledgeable professionals are working day and night to keep you, your staff and business safe. We take your security seriously.