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Are you searching for doorman in Manchester security services? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. With i-Guard Security you won’t have to worry about the old stereotypical image of the bouncer.

Instead, you can count on us to provide professional doormen who are courteous, work fully with venue management, and with local authorities to make sure your venue runs smoothly, while ensure the safety of your clients and staff.

They’ll have a wonderful time, while we ensure their safety.

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Event & Venue Security is Crucial

We understand that event & venue security is crucial. Food, alcoholic beverages, music and more create an enjoyable ambience where individuals can enjoy a good time. However, sometimes things can happen and threaten the security of everyone on the premises or at an event.

Crowds can quickly be spooked, fights break out causing injuries not only to those involved, but also to innocent bystanders and staff. We understand security and can help your customers and guests have a great time. They’ll focus on having fun, rather than on us.

In addition, hiring our excellent doorman Manchester services for your event or venue will also assure your customers and clients that you’re committed to their safety. You’ll earn a reputation for keeping everyone safe.

We’re able to deal with any issues that come up, ensuring the safety of everyone there. We take your security seriously. We promise.

Professional Doorman Services in Manchester

At i-Guard Security, we understand that doorman Manchester services are needed to ensure the safety of your guests and clients. To this end, we work to provide our services at competitive rates, without sacrificing quality. We work to keep the premises or event safe every time.

Our doormen are highly experienced and trained to deliver and implement the safety requirements you need. You can count on us to deliver doorman services Manchester to a very high standard. You can count on us to keep your staff and guests safe every time.

We’re focused on our clients’ needs and are proud that the majority of our client relationships have lasted several years. We have not once lost a client due to poor services. In addition, we also provide a wide range of other security services with the same high level of success, through referrals alone. So, you can count on our experience, knowledge and training in all cases. We’re here to provide the security solutions needed for your event.

About i-Guard Security

We take pride in delivering security services you can count on. Our first priority is keeping you, your staff, clients, and events safe. Our doormen are always courteous and professional, and work fully with the venue management staff and the local authorities. We’re an SIA accredited security company in Manchester, certified to work in the security industry.

You can count on us to provide security services delivered with:

Quality: we take pride in offering our security services to a high standard. Our staff is always professional and courteous, and they have the training, knowledge and experience to ensure the safety of your venue or event.

Honesty: you can also count on us to provide excellent security services with complete honesty and transparency. We work with closely with you and strive to keep communications open and transparent. You count on us to be accountable and responsible to ensure the best possible levels of security are maintained.

Reliability: we deliver what we promise. You can count on us to be dependable and provide you with consistent, reliable security services every time.

Respect: we treat everyone, from clients to their staff and customers, with respect and dignity. We promote diversity and treat each individual with the care and respect they deserve.

Teamwork: we believe in working closely with our clients, venue & event management, as well as with local authorities to provide the seamless security solution you need. We strive to work collaboratively in providing the highest levels of security possible, to ensure you, your staff and venue or event are safe.

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Why Choose i-Guard?

When it comes to top security solutions, we have the training, knowledge and experience you need. Our staff are CRB checked and SIA accredited, and take pride in providing our clients with excellent customer care.

We provide our security staff with our unique in-house training, which ensures all of our staff know what’s expected of them when they represent our company on the job. They are trained and ready to provide you with the best customer care around, while ensuring your safety.

i-Guard Security also works within the SIA-approved Contractor Scheme, which our clients value highly. No matter the size of your venue or event, whether it’s a large nightclub or a small pub, we’re ready to provide the same excellent security solutions.

In addition, we provide you with free quotes for any venue or premises. And you can count on us to stand by our quotes and deliver our services on time and on budget.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality security services in Manchester and in the Northwest, along with excellent customer service.

If you have questions or would like to discuss doorman Manchester security services, then contact us today. We’re here to answer any questions you may have. We take your security seriously.

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