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Security agencies Manchester: We’re an expert, highly trained security company in the Manchester area. Our team offers extensive services to ensure your business is secure.

Why Choose i-Guard Security Services?

We’ve been in the security business since 2011, and from that time to now, we’ve developed a wide range of security services in this area. Our company works to the highest standards set by the ACS (ISO 9001, BS788, BS7858). We’re one of the best Manchester security agencies.

Our range of services includes Door Supervision, mobile patrols, key holding, manned guarding, concierge services, close protection, and more. We’re very proud to also be the sole security provider for one of the world’s biggest Hip-Hop and grime artists, Manchester’s on Bugzy Malone.

i-Guard security has built a strong reputation with our clients. They know they can count on us to keep them more secure.

In addition, we partnered with Executive Group, securing its place as the North West’s best security provider by providing the company’s clients (old and new) with even more security services.

Here are some additional reasons to choose us as your security agency in  Manchester:

  • We’re the best when it comes to providing security services in this area.
  • We create bespoke security solutions, tailored to meet your security requirements.
  • We have the knowledge and experience, plus we’re dedicated to our clients, and have earned a high reputation in the area.
  • Our security guards earn a competitive salary; in return, they provide excellent professionals services you can trust.
  • Both our company and our guards are SIA approved and fully vetted.
  • We provide the best customer service you can count on.
Security agencies Manchester
Manchester security agencies
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Our Customised Security Services

You can rest assured we don’t take a cookie cutter approach to providing our clients with security services. We tailor our services to match your specific security needs, every time. Our goal is to make sure you’re completely satisfied and comfortable with each facet of our security services.

We go the extra mile to create bespoke security services, which are tailored to fit your needs. Whether you need home security or security for your business, we’ll develop a solid solution that’s customised to meet your unique security issues.

In addition, we’re recognised as an approved security contract by the SIA (Security Industry Authority). So, you can rest assured our customised security services are the best in the Manchester area.

Our Approach

We take a professional approach you can count on. In fact, we strive to provide excellent services that are delivered in a timely manner. Plus, our staff shares this commitment and works to improve the standard of our services in the Manchester area.

Our security guards are trained, licensed professionals who are there when you need them most.

i-Guard provides cost-effective, reliable solutions you can count on. And it doesn’t matter if you need home or business protection. We deliver the same level of service.

We take your security requirements seriously, and provide you with the best overall, bespoke solution for your security needs.

Our Services

As we stated earlier, we provide an extensive range of security solutions in the Manchester area. We can work with short- or long-term contacts and create a bespoke security services plan for your home or business. Plus, our services come with a price guarantee—we’ll match or beat any competitor’s price. And you can still count on receiving the same high-quality services as usual.

Here are the security services we provide in the Manchester area.

Corporate and Office Security: we have the best solution for office and corporate security. Our bespoke options for businesses improve on a company’s current security measures. And our guards will protect your property, which includes data and assets.

Our corporate security guards act as a visual deterrent, and they’ll provide rapid response to actual and potential threats. You can rest assured your business will be secured against vandalism, theft, and more. Our guards also provide routine maintenance checks and stock takes if needed.

What’s more, our security staff also provide both fire and first responder services. You and your employees can rest assured that you’re receiving the best care and protection when you need it.

Industrial & factory security: our company is also highly experienced when it comes to providing security for industrial and factory facilities in the Manchester area. Here, again, you can count on a security solution that’s both cost-effective and bespoke. We’ll create a customised plan to provide any area of service when it comes to protecting your premises.

We have a wide range of experience in the security industry when it comes to both industrial and factory properties. We are one of the best security service providers in the area, and our aim is focused on you and your security.

Our security services are offered as a cost-effective, tailored solution to make sure your site is secure. i-Guard security staff act as a deterrent and are quick to act in response to other potential or real threats. us for

Corporate & Office Security: we’re also able to handle your corporate and office security, too. We offer tailored solutions for security needs. Our guards are extensively trained to protect your property, data and other assets. Plus, our security guards provide a visual deterrent, and they respond quickly when needed. Your business will be protected against, theft, trespass, vandalism, and more.

Retail security: if you have a retail business, we can provide you with security solutions that are made for your unique business requirements. We’ll protect your Manchester retail business with our highly qualified security guards. No matter where you’re located in the Manchester area, we’ll provide comprehensive security services, tailored to your situation. We can provide retail security for locations of any size—from boutiques to department stores.

Construction & building site security: if you’re in the construction industry, we’ve got you covered, too. We’ve been the leader of construction and building site security in the Manchester area for years. We provide a wide range of security services for construction and building sites. Our exceptional staff is highly trained and will be on the spot to make sure your construction or building site is safe and secure.

Security guards & officers: we are the leader when it comes to providing security solutions in Manchester. You can always count on us for top-notch services and the best protection around. Our guards are highly qualified and licensed by the SIA.

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