Door Supervision

Gone are the days of the stereotypical image of ‘Bouncers’.

While door supervision clearly still demands a certain level of natural authority and robustness – on occasion at least – gone are the days of the stereotypical ‘bouncer’.
At least where I-Guard Security is concerned.

With discretion as a key watchword, each and every I-Guard operative is as trained and qualified as they are professional, courteous, and fastidiously turned out.

Each is also fully experienced in co-operating and collaborating seamlessly with location management and staff – as well as local authorities and policing – all ensuring every employee and visitor to your venue enjoys a safe, enjoyable experience.

A track record of excellence

Such is our track record in DS that we are proud to be able to say that the majority of I-Guard’s DS contracts have been in place for many years, and that we have never lost a contract due too poor service. Indeed, referrals alone have seen strong recent growth in our DS division across several areas, locations, and venues.

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