Close Protection

Redefining security needs

As a proud member of the Executive Group – renowned for supplying a plethora of support services to individuals and organisations across the television, music, events, and media sector – I-Guard Security provides a range of fully-licensed Close Protection (CP) options to a growing stable of entertainment talent. 

Whether delivering in a non-invasive, ‘seen-and-not-heard’ capacity, overt or covert protection, one-to-one, or whole Close Protection Teams, we are justifiably proud of our enviable track record in this high-profile, sensitive area.

Second to none

With our exclusive in-house training platform – ‘Operation Phoenix’ – at the heart of I-Guard’s CP operations, every deployment incorporates comprehensive threat and risk assessments enabling us to determine every pertinent protection dynamic and tailor a unique, best-fit, high-quality solution for every client.

Whether overt or covert, whether protecting clients from over-enthusiastic fans or shielding them from unwanted paparazzi attention, whether responding fast to unexpected escalating events or simply providing secure transportation between locations – our CP expertise is second to none.

Why choose iGuard?

Bugzy Malone

I-Guard’s extensive close protection division works with a range of celebrities from the television and music industries – including stars known both nationally and internationally.

Among these, we are proud to have been chosen as the sole security partner to one of the world’s highest-profile hip-hop and grime artists and his team – Manchester’s own Bugzy Malone.

Contracts such as these are where I-Guard’s 30 plus years of experience – more than three decades of staying alert, calm, collected, and professional, sometimes under extreme pressure – come firmly to the fore.

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